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Want to add The Quick & Effective Guide to SEO Keyword Research for $67?

This guide walks you through:

  • WTF keyword research *really* is & why it's important
  • Definitions & metrics breakdown (so you can finally understand some of the lingo floating around the blogosphere)
  • Examples of GOOD keywords -- not all keywords are good, my friend.
  • Step by step how to do SEO keyword research (without having to invest in expensive SEO tools)
  • Important tips that can make or break your keyword success
  • List of tools & resources
  • Quick & effective keyword research checklist (To make this a breeze for you or your team to implement)

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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to WordPress SEO

SEO is that big annoying thing that makes most people want to pull their hair out.

It’s tricky, tedious & can be ridiculously complicated. BUT, I’m here to help you navigate right on through it. We’re going to walk through the basics, one step at a time.

I no longer want you to feel overwhelmed by the thought of SEO.

I’ve stayed away from techy-coding language so that this guide is as easy to digest as possible. I’ve highlighted the most crucial & important points of SEO, so you can focus on getting the ground work all set up on your own. I’ve focused on not only making your website better for search engines but making it better for the people that use it.

I’ve included interactive worksheets, checklists, resource guides, & tips/tricks along the way, so you can work on your own website as you follow along with the ebook!

We’ll touch on all basic areas of SEO:

  • What exactly SEO is
  • How search engines work
  • Why SEO is important for your WordPress website
  • How to understand your audience so you can better market to them
  • How to find keywords & keyphrases
  • How to use those terms to generate traffic to your website
  • How to make your WordPress website SEO friendly
  • What important aspects to focus on
  • The difference between on page SEO & off page SEO
  • How to build links
  • Why you need to focus on valuable content
  • …..and more!​

Once you understand the basics of SEO, you can make knowledgeable decisions on how & when to implement them.

Every strategy starts with a little insight, so let’s get to work on the basics!

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