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“Just wanted to say thanks to your tips I’m getting found. Brides are booking- not because of The Knot or IG-but because of….GOOGLE!!

Everything from blogging to removing my images and re-uploading them with real names…it’s all coming together!

Just wanted to share that with you!”

– Anshwa Lewis

“I LOVE it!!! So pretty. I’ve taken A LOT of SEO courses over the years and I love how easy and simple you make everything! Already created 6 blog post ideas over the weekend. THANK YOU very much!!!”

– Deonnah Carolus

“As a copywriter I need to make sure I’m on my A-game with keyword research for blogs and web copy but tbh I’ve always felt a bit intimidated by it. Your guide laid it out simply and in plain English. Got some great new tips to up my game 😍😍. Love love love that you also recommend a really great FREE tool to use. Thanks!!”

– Kerry Campion

“Thanks so much for the Keyword Research SEO workshop! I learned a lot, and it was especially helpful to go through actual examples of analyzing websites and conducting keyword research on the call. There’s a lot of videos/resources out there that explain the very basics of SEO, but it’s a lot harder to find good examples of practical hands-on tutorials on specific websites, so that part was really great.”

– Kevin, CEO of The Contract Shop


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